Da Nang Coworking Space and Da Nang Business continued the process of realizing the ideas of selected projects as part of their third Incubator Program on the morning of May 17 for an event known as Matching Day. The event provides entrepreneurs with an important opportunity to seek mentors, receive advice and develop their project after commencing work in April.

Matching Day connected seven projects in the fields of health, education and agriculture with the appropriate mentors who will provide the necessary counselling and tutelage during the incubation program. In particular, these seven projects include:

  1. Traditional Medicine: A social enterprise focused on developing processes of medical examination and the services associated with providing traditional medicine.
  2. Homecare: Homecare provides home health services based on an advanced application software.
  3. Ekid: A programming toolkit based on Arduino.
  4. Ikid: A creative class for children that starts with painting classes and serves as a developmental hub for the creative talents of Vietnamese children to progress.
  5. Navied: This educational startup project provides a map of capacity building guides and job skills for students based on the job requirements demanded by employers.
  6. NUMAKO: The food driven project that uses new technology to crystallise fish sauce into powdered fish sauce while still maintaining the characteristics of fish sauce.
  7. S & E: Brings a hi-tech approach to animal husbandry by introducing an automatic feeder for pigs that increases productivity and reduces costs for farmers.

Throughout the program, aspirational young minds will be introduced to an advisory team of experienced consultants, experts and entrepreneurs in a variety of fields through intensive workshopsfrom enterprising, to resource development, to market-oriented promotion and administrative procedures, as well as PDCA standard business management. The team of mentors and experts involved in sharing and consulting are representative of many prominent companies and organizations. They have a wealth of experience through their work in contributing to Da Nang’s startup ecosystem and understanding the city’s social context, commerce and how success is built.

Specifically, some representatives offering their advice are Ms. Nguyen Thi My Huong, Deputy Director of the Vietnam-UK Training Institute at the University of Da Nang, Mr. Le Minh Phuc, General Director of VinaCapital Danang, Mr. Le Truong Ky, Chairman of Dinco Company, Mr. Phan Hai, Director of BQ Company and many other notable representatives.

Matching Day concluded with each project selecting a mentor that fits their needs and scope. These mentors will accompany the new crop of startups throughout their time in the incubation program. Although this is just the first step of the process, it marked an exciting moment for some of Da Nang’s most intriguing and innovative startup projects.