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  • DatBike

    Dat Bike is a technology startup whose mission is to drive the mass adoption of green transportation in Vietnam.

  • Cashbag

    Cashbag is focusing on providing the best in class mobile cashback experience, enjoyed by +300.000 users with an ever expanding catalogue powered by +100 merchant partners.

  • Umbalena

    Useful reading app for kids.

  • Hekate

    A platform to help create chatbot to engage your audience.

  • BotStar

    Engage Customers Online With Live Chat & Chatbots

  • Carus

    CARUS is an intermediary platform that connects customers who use cars and the facilities that provide related services such as washing, repairing, maintenance, maintenance, etc. in place for motorbikes and cars. It helps to saving time and users' effort.

  • Minh Hồng

    Multipurpose Bioproduct - microbial extract of vegetables and fruits containing aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, thereby creating a series of dishwashing and mopping products.

  • Zinwork
  • TARA

    A brand name for Natural Health, Beauty and Home Care products, using 100% natural & traditional Vietnamese ingredients.

  • InVietnam

    inVietNam is a travel platform which provides reliable and up-to-minute content from locals, helping travelers explore Vietnam safely and handily.

  • AntBuddy

    AntBuddy provides Cloud Call Center which can be easily expanded and integrated. AntBuddy Cloud Call Center can connect different customer support solutions (Viber, Skype, Web Call, Facebook, Web Chat, SMS, Email,...) and integrate into only one solution when communicating with customer.


    Caromi is a researched and developed dried noodle product originating from Que Son district, Quang Nam province. It is produced on the basis of clean agriculture with elaborate procedures. Gluten free, rich in fiber and minerals, cassava noodles provide a lot of health benefits for consumers.

  • H2O FARM

    Providing clean vegetable solution for townhouses: Consulting, installing, transferring the system. Commercial hydroponic cultivation incorporates IOT applications in agriculture.


    Dichung.vn is a niche social network combined with an e-commerce marketplace. It connects people who need a ride with others who want to share or sell free seats in their vehicles.

  • Danang Fresco Village

    It is a new project which offers diverse models of cultural tourism, where it captures the traditional character and beauty of Danang's people and scenery. The project combines frescos with dining space, and also specialties such as souvenirs and handicrafts, and is also based on a homestay model.

  • Meraki

    Meraki develops and organizes English programs which teach skills and arts for children in new ways with passion and love. Meraki creates a developmental environment for children not only in learning, but also in spiritual development through activities, events and skills.

  • Healthcares

    A comprehensive health care ecosystem is built on the basis of a team with high quality inpatient doctors who examine and treat outpatients at a low average cost for all residents of Da Nang and neighboring provinces. There are three participants in the ecosystem: the customer (patient), the health facility / health worker and the health care coordinator. All communication between the three is based on the information technology infrastructure.

  • Ecombamboo


  • Al Fuel

    The Essential Platform for Machine Learning Training Data

  • Delta X

    Delta X is Affordable & Efficient Delta Robot Series. Delta X Robot has outstanding features of the industrial delta robot model such as speed and flexibility. Delta X is designed to be applicable in a variety of fields and applications.

  • Sumica

    No need to go out, open the Sumica app now to reach more than 10,000 of properties and attractive discount offers from hosts

  • Retex

    Real-time Textile production management platform

  • Heppi

    The platform nutures a happy work culture

  • Zody

    Zody is a loyalty rewards program for end-users which also serves as a Customer Relations Management system for merchants. Zody is helping hundreds of local business and brands to collect customers database, track user behaviors and reward them with points. Zody also provides marketing automation tools to help merchants to improve customer retention to increase engagement and revenue for their business

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