“Tob multifunction cradle” project is research and invented by four enthusiastic members.  The project is aimed to reach target customers who are the pregnant women and families having children under one year old.

Tob multifunction cradle has integrated all applications which meet the needs of children into a single product. Instead of buying to cribs, wheelchairs and scooters, Not only minimize cleaning time as well as living space, Tob multifunction cradle also helps parents save up to 50% of the money they have to pay for each similar  product.

Tob multifunction cradle provides extraordinary experiences, conveniences, and solutions  for customers such as:

  • Wake-up detector helps parents not to worry about babies’ sleep. When the babies wake up, the sensor automatically announces the cradle’s control system and then the system will lull them and stop until they fall to sleep
  • The sliding mode which applies Japanese technology can make the babies sleep naturally, deeply and comfortably.
  • Toilet alarm – giving parents more active in child care, minimize diseases such as intertrigo , urinary tract infection.
  • In addition, Tob cradle has extra features such as music player, the reader (clearly orientation to Vietnam market with lullaby songs, familiar folk tales to nurture babies’ soul).
  • Suitable backup battery charger in case of travelling
  • All features of the above will automatically be controlled via two ways:
  1. Direct manipulation on the cradle
  2. Remote control.


In the near future, the group keeps on researching and developing sanitary alarm.  This function can predict suitable time to change diapers for infants before 5 -10 minutes.

With the criteria of safety – convenience – economic, Tob multìunction cradle is the most optimal choice for your children.

Tob multifunction cradle project belongs to 100 Seeds of Danang Entrepreneurship, won an award in startup competition at Duy Tan University and young creative breakthrough at the Hack Fair 2015 event held by Google Developer Viet Nam