Tara has been researching for the product lines with high quality, extremely safe for consumers and passes all the tests of the quality standards applicable: Certified Health Department: 101/15 / CBMP -DN; TCCS Greenbelt; Check in Quatest measure 2; and applying for FDA license.

With all the ingredients of the natural: Vegetable oil, butter, waxes, oils, etc. Some local ingredients such as tea, cinnamon, activated bamboo charcoal, coconut oil, oranges, lemons,etc. Tara will provide safe products for human, affordable, bearing the local culture and commit to sustainable development.


Currently, Tara has launched the product lines: Soap; Lip balms; lipstick; Shower gel; Sunscreen; Spray disinfectant; Spray insect repellent; Cold pressed coconut oil; Lotion; and more than 20 kinds of products are studying and testing.

Source: DaNang Incubator