In the first 5 months, the activities of Da Nang Business Incubator marked a change in local entrepreneurial mind and thinking, which promises many exciting and meaningful events to come.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: một hoặc nhiều người và trong nhà

From the overview …

The first five months of 2017 saw the change in business start-ups. There has been an increase in the substantive activities such as training and connectivity, which brings the real value for startups. Startups are no longer “blindfolded” and have begun to focus on product research and development as well as market demand. The brand of Danang – the startup eco-system is spreading across the entire Mekong region (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Siem Riep, etc.) and is emerging as a young city with a strong ambition to start up. Along with some other cities in Southeast Asia, Danang is now considered as a new potential destination for entrepreneurs.

In reality, entrepreneurship is spreading  throughout the universities and colleges in Danang. There are clubs, startup contests launched such as Startup Runway by University of Economics in collaboration with Vietnam-UK Institute (VNUK), or the University of Architecture with Startup Wings, etc. Students are actively involved in startup events, which proves the growing of  start-up community in Danang. Ho Chi Minh City’s Startup Wheel also chose to launch their project in Da Nang.

… to the unique features of the incubated projects.

There is a detailed list of 137 startups and more than 300 startup ideas from universities in the city. Emerging areas of start ups are: information technology, tourism services, food.

It is the implementation of artificial intelligence using chatbot technology created by Hakete, which was specially agreed to put into use in the plan of building Danang into an electronic government. The incubated projects at DNES have also become more diversified: education, medicine, and manufacturing high-tech equipment for agriculture.

The representation of Demeater with the product “cricket biscuits” at the second incubation program of DNES

Networking for sharing knowledge and skills through connectivity activities at co-working space

Co-working space is one of the four main activities of Da Nang Business Incubator. This form of space quickly flourished in Da Nang. DNC – Danang Coworking Space now offers services with the best startup incentives in the nation and actively supports startup businesses: ideal working space and startup events venue for publicity.  

SURF – The ‘hottest’ startup event in this summer

Just a month to come for SURF to ‘boom’. The largest International Startup Conference and Exhibition in the central Vietnam has received more attention than ever by many government leaders, university lecturers, students, startup companies, Da Nang’s businesses, international start-up organizations, well-known investors and consultants in the field of start-up.