80% of cleaning products on the market have hazardous chemicals. In long-term use, it will impact on us not only skin diseases but also among of other body diseases. Besides, the organic waste is discharged daily, lead to environmental pollution.

Minh Hong project has solved two issue by the multi-purpose Bioproduct. The multi-purpose Bioproduct is extracted from vegetables, fruits containing aerobic bacteria and anaerobic. All these substances can decompose biologically can be used for Bioproduct, especially vegetable and fruit, even the excess of vegetable can also be used.

Joined the Incubating program batch I, Minh Hong project has a new comprehensive development. The quality of the products has been rising daily and adding new functions, received the attention and support especially from international investors. The most special thing of all, the product has reached more than 1000 trustee, 29 customers register as agents in nationwide.
With the benefits of the product, as well as the social and the community implications  such as reducing the amount of organic waste in the area, protect ,consumers health, create jobs,etc, Minh Hong Project will develop and create a new mark on the market in the future.
Source: DaNang Incubator